SINTHESI, a 100% Italian company, was founded in 1994 as a company that designs, produces and sells hardware and software products for HOME & BUILDING AUTOMATION. During its history Sinthesi has never modified its philosophy aimed at commercialize only products designed, developed and produced directly by Sinthesi, completely MADE IN ITALY.

SINTHESI is today the leader Italian company in the field of Home and Building Automation, with over 10,000 plants built in Italy and in the world in over 25 years of activity, whose primary objective has always been to develop products in step with technological evolution, offering designers, installers and system integrators products and systems for automation with market-leading performance at the global level. With this spirit Sinthesi has created 'PICnet', the system for building automation applications with the most advanced performances at global level.

Sinthesi was among the first Building Automation companies whose Quality System was certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard by the CSICERT Italia certification body.


The birth of Sinthesi. The idea of ​​integrate technological systems is conceived from the designers studio.

The birth of PICnet protocol. After a definition phase of protocol specifications, the first activities of the system are developed.

The first product range for BUILDING AUTOMATION.

Quality Certification is obtained, thanks to a valid organization system and company procedures. The product range is of about 60 products.

The product range is of about 170 products, with a line dedicated to HOTEL AUTOMATION.

The sales network spreads throughout the Italian territory and expands in Eastern Europe. The product range is of about 200 products, with a line dedicated to THERMOREGULATION.

WEB supervision applications are developed and a new product line for SOUND DIFFUSION is launched. More than 200 products at catalogue.

The sales network expands in the Middle East and in the Gulf markets.

The new WIRELESS PICnet ZIGBEE product line is launched, bringing to over 800 the product codes always available.

Sinthesi celebrates 25 years of activity. The series dedicated to HOTEL AUTOMATION is renewed and expanded and new products are developed for the integration of PICnet systems with the latest generation user interfaces.

PICnet is the Home and Building Automation system designed, developed and produced by Sinthesi, 100% Made in Italy.
PICnet allows to integrate under a single system any type of user: lighting, technological systems, temperature control, energy saving, access control, automation of doors and windows, call systems, etc. The success of this system has confirmed the validity of the innovative choices introduced in an emerging sector and has been the recognition of the effort produced in recent years for the continuous improvement of the system's performance and reliability.

The system

Each PICnet system is composed of a central unit called MASTER, which is the system CPU with calculation performance of a professional-grade PLC, and a series of peripheral units or modules, connected together by a 4-wire BUS cable or via wireless mesh connection. Each MASTER unit can control up to 250 peripheral units, including other MASTER central units in the case of multi-level systems.


  • Bus communication speed up to 62500b/s.
  • Extreme power and flexibility of programming that makes it possible to carry out the most advanced control functions.
  • Presence on board of the PN MAS central unit of 4 selection buttons and a display for messages and user alarms (also with variable fields), that simplifies installation and management of the system.
  • Presence on board of the central PN MAS unit of a microSD slot for loading and updating the system program or for recording parameters and information in data logger mode.
  • Up to 128 time settings (external lights, heating, pumps, etc.) and 128 variables (temperature settings, timings, etc.) that can be set directly by the user on the central unit without using a PC or other devices.
  • PN MAS central unit can speak natively the MODBUS RTU standard protocol both on the serial port and on the Ethernet IP network port.
  • PICnet wiring is completely free: in-out configurations, radial, loop or combinations of the three topologies are allowed without limitations.
Sinthesi PICnet is the system for Home and Building Automation with market-leading performance at the global level, both for computing power of the single units and for the speed of communication of the PICnet BUS (62500 bit/s). The system has incredible reliability and is at the top of the market for the longevity of the systems.
The MASTER central unit can speak natively MODBUS RTU, one of the most widespread standards in every application area, both through an integrated Ethernet IP network port and via an RS485 or RS232 serial port. Each MASTER unit can also control PICnet wireless systems that speak according to the ZIGBEE standard. There are also interface modules for integration with numerous other communication standards such as BACnet, KNX, LON, M-BUS and Mitsubishi. Over the years Sinthesi has developed numerous integrations with leading manufacturers of air conditioning, alarm and fire protection systems.
Sinthesi can satisfy all the possible application needs of its Customers, relying on over 1000 PICnet product codes, always available, thanks to intense and constant efforts in R&D and product management.
Sinthesi guarantees the complete compatibility of all the new PICnet product codes with the past and the complete availability of spare parts of any product code marketed from 1994 to the present (with an identical or equivalent PICnet product).
All PICnet products are designed, developed and produced by Sinthesi, and for this reason all the products speak PICnet natively, allowing complete integration between the different product lines (e.g. hotel, audio, building, home automation, wireless, temperature control, etc.) This allows to use the same tools, the same hardware, the same programming and supervision software to exploit the entire PICnet product range. With PICnet the investment of designers and installers in training is exploitable in numerous applications and has value over time.



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